Dog Photography, Seattle WA

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Examination Time at WSU

This is Siddra and Rosie during her arrival at the WSU Hospital of Veterinary Medicine. Siddra has been very helpful in taking good care of Rosie while she's away from home for three and a half long weeks. She calls us every evening with updates on our sweet Rosie. Yesterday Rosie got to play in the snow with other dogs. We'd also like to thank Janean, Rosies radiation oncologist.

Everything's Going to be Okay

This is what Rosie should be telling us. We are the ones needing assurance, consoling and a shoulder to lean on. We miss her so much, the house is so still and quite after only 2 days of being gone! She will surely miss us but I think 2 short walks a day and maybe some play time with the fourth year vet student Siddra, Rosie will be her usual happy self.

Mile Marker 130

The drive to Pullman from Seattle was five hours long. If it hadn't been for the beautiful weather the drive would have seemed much longer. I took these next two shots out the window of our Pathfinder, thanks to DeeDee for driving the majority of the way to Pullman.