Dog Photography, Seattle WA

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dogs of the San Juans

I'm always wearing my canine goggles, especially
while on vacation. Below you'll see random images
I took while on the San Juan Islands for three days.

The image above was captured at sunset while staying
at the West Beach Resort on Orcas Island, Washington.

Harry Houdini

Pippin and Billy, Orcas Island.
Pippin was very shy, so he kept hiding behind his mother.

Houdini's Brother

Pippin at Rosario Resort & Spa. Orcas Island.

I'll Take Mine Black

Coffee shop, Lopez Island.

Whale Watching

Billy Boy

Barked Car

San Juan Island.

Lazy Summer Day

Last but not least, my yellow Rosebud sleeping at the cabin
on a "too warm for old labs" summer day.