Dog Photography, Seattle WA

Friday, August 05, 2011

Boone Finds A New Home

This beautiful 22 month old, 72 lbs. chocolate Labrador retriever was recently returned to his breeder. But only days later a very lucky family adopter him into their home. Here you'll get a small taste of what "Boonie" is all about.

He's sweet, he's smart, he's rambunctious, he's non-stop, he's cuddly, he's so loving and at times a "bull in a china shop"! Did I mention he's rambunctious? Boonie's new parents had a few doubts the first two days he was in their home, but realized he was stressed and a little confused being shuffled between three families in a week. His parents now have no regrets, no matter how rambunctious or energetic Boonie may be, all they know is that he's the perfect fit for their family.

Did I mention my wife and I adopted Boonie?