Dog Photography, Seattle WA

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Lola & Hennessy are house mates.

Felix Is His Name …

and fetching in the water is his game!


Golden Ponder

Rin Tin Tin Is His Hero


Let's Rumble!

Balto is the black Labrador Retriever
you see here defending his turf.

Mirror, Mirror In The Mud …

Nanook can't help but notice how beautiful she really is!

Coming Next Week!

Rosie goes to Mt. Vernon to smell the flowers and gets pampered at Paradise Pet Lodge in Woodinville.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finley Fest!
We had a fun filled five day family reunion on the northern California coast in Bodega Bay. The weather was beautiful as was the over-due company that I longed to reminisce with my two brothers and father when we were kids. Finley belongs to my younger brother and his wife to which Finley became our canine fix while on vacation. The remainder of us had to fly to California and were forced to leave our loving four-legged friends at home.

Finley is three years old, and is half Australian Shepherd & Great Dane - thus the nickname "white thunder from down under." He has a wonderful and playful disposition with a bit of spaz thrown in for good measure. Hope you all enjoy Finley as much as we all enjoyed him!

First Capture


On The Fence

Backyard in Bodega

Portuguese Park


Ahhh …

Rock Solid


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tribute To The Big Dog

Irish Wolfhounds
Thunder and Storm treated me as if they knew me as their friend. They truly were gentle giants as long as you watched yourself as they thundered by, ground shaking and tails wagging. I could see myself having two of these wonderful animals. They are one of my favorite to photograph. With their wire coat and whitish blue-gray color they make a great combination in the morning sunlight.

Temperament and History
Wolfhounds are such sweet-tempered and patient animals. Dignified and willing to please their master, they are unconditionally loyal to their family and trusted with children. Thought to have arrived in Ireland around 3500bc, bred as war dogs by the ancients and to guard their homes. With their astonishing size, speed, and intelligence this made them ideal animals for both boar hunting and wolf hunting by the 17th century.

Up Close

These two beautiful Irish Wolfhounds were creatively
named Thunder and Storm.

Portrait of a Storm


Seeing The Light

Another Storm

Double Trouble

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Point …

Rosie picks up a scent!

… and Laugh!

I had to sneak Rosie in here somewhere!
This looks as if Rosie is laughing at the silly handstand
that the Jack Russell (Mason) is doing in the background.