Dog Photography, Seattle WA

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Meds to Make Her Better

Rosie's radiation burn over the last five days since she arrived home has become much worse. Which the WSU doctors said would happen. Rosie is on pain medication as well as an antibiotic and she gets a mild dose of a sedative at night to help her sleep. She gets to wear a very fashionable cone on her head when we're not home or when it's time for bed.

A Nice Surprise

We had such a great surprise when we arrived home with Rosie on Saturday evening the 17th of March. This awesome welcoming banner and a basket of goodies for Rosie and us humans. They were delivered into our home while we were gone to Pullman. A big hug and kiss to our wonderful friends Sue and Brenda. You two are the best. Thanks so much for the warm welcome and all the love and prayers you shower us with.