Dog Photography, Seattle WA

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Visiting Mally

MALLY NEEDED HER favorite sitters for three days. So guess where she wanted to stay? Uncle Chris and Aunt DeeDee's home, of course!

Mally loves to chase her ball, so we headed to our local park. I'd launch her ball several times with the "Chuck-It" then give her a chance to lay and rest for a few moments, out comes my camera, I shoot for two minutes and we do it all over again until an hour passes. It does help that she's so photogenic and could care less that I'm taking advantage of her care-free attitude.

Once again, Mally steals our hearts away, while her parents
are on holiday.

The look I received just before Mally willed me to get off my computer and get outside for some Play-Time!

This was during Mally's cool down period, just before it was time to get into my Pathfinder and go home. It's a good thing I always carry two towels in my rig at all times!