Dog Photography, Seattle WA

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Time To Say Their Good Bye's

Have you noticed Rosie is still clenching her leash? She held on for nearly ten minutes.

For A Split Second…

… Rosie is almost motionless. Cindee and Sarah are both holding Rosie, that's why.

Rosie's So Excited She Couldn't Sit Still

As many times as she's remained still while waiting for me to take a photo, there was no way in the world she was going to sit still on this day. Rosie came around the corner pulling Cindee down the hall towards us. Teeth clenching her leash like she had a race to win. That race was to beat cancer and so far she is winning that race with the help of this wonderful teaching school and the grace of God.

Rosie Greets Us in the Lobby

Cindee and Sarah with Rosie. What an awesome feeling these two must feel to see a happy ending when we get to take Rosie home from this long awaited day. Happy and healthy!

The Day Has Finally Come

We arrived Friday March 16th to bring our Rosie home. She has been here at this wonderful veterinary hospital getting better day by day for the last twenty six days.