Dog Photography, Seattle WA

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Roxy and Missy

I HAD THE PRIVILEGE of taking care of these two adorable critters for two weeks, while their two legged dwellers went on holiday. Roxy (black and white) was the social butterfly who loved to greet me at the front door everyday. Roxy begged for attention like the usual canine. If I delayed for more than 30 seconds from scratching her, she insisted by stretching her front paws half way up my leg and rapidly tapping me until she received lots of five-fingered attention. Then lots of purr, purr, purr and head banging to make sure I hit all the right spots.

Missy is totally different, she's shy, quiet and mostly invisible. If I stayed long enough she would appear out of thin air for a short while and disappear the same way. I was able to approach Missy a few times to give her some scratches on her terms and then poof, she was gone! I brought my camera every three days, otherwise I’d never get away from these two photogenic felines.

This is the begging part I told you about, make sure and click to see the larger version.