Dog Photography, Seattle WA

Friday, November 23, 2012

Autumn in Chelan

WE NEARLY LEFT Boone at home for once, while we traveled to Lake Chelan for three days. But at the last minute we decided that that was a stupid idea and loaded our Bouncing-Boone in the back of (his plush and much more comfortable ride than us) Pathfinder. I would have regretted this decision NOT to bring Boone for weeks as you can see the Autumn colors that I was able to capture with our favorite chocolate.

On a bright crisp and cloudy morning at Chelan Falls Park, Boone was a great model in between Chuck-it throws. He'll do anything for portrait shooting. I also had a great canine assistant, my lovely wife.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

In The Running

 These sheep herding amateurs dogs showed up in all ages, personalities and endurance levels here at the sheep herding school in Roy Washington. The owners were always concerned for the health of the sheep and all the dogs. Enjoy watching the fun running dogs and sheep.