Dog Photography, Seattle WA

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Toby Will Be Missed

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Toby, and his parents Rob and Karla. Rosie lost her next door neighbor buddy while she was away in Pullman during her radiation treatment. Toby went to doggy heaven last Friday, he lived a good life and a ripe old age of fourteen before we said goodbye to him. He will be dearly missed, especially by Rosie.

He Loved Guarding the Neighborhood

When Toby saw one of us arrive home from work he would stand at our front door step and bark every so often until DeeDee or I would open the front door and give him a treat. He would then swagger away with his massive frame and lay back down in the front yard. Mission accomplished!

All Dogs Go To Heaven

I believe dogs are loaned to us from heaven. They are sent here to teach us many valuable lessons. Loyalty, friendship, unconditional love, and they always live today like there's no tomorrow.