Dog Photography, Seattle WA

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Southern Girl

Zoe's an only child and is a very secluded cat of the house. She's quite reserved, especially to strangers. I was told it would be quite difficult to capture her mannerism, personality and character. So my approach was to let Zoe come to me and move as slowly as possible when I began to approach her. These images are in order as I captured Zoe while visiting family in South Carolina throughout the course of a day.

Watching birds at the bird feeder.

Lounging in the sewing room, watching the front yard.

Oops! Sorry Zoe, I didn't mean to show your bad side.

Zoe always wanders into the back bedroom during the late morning and nuzzles herself under the bed comforter for a five to six hour cat-nap. Waking just in time to come out from under her fabric-cave to enjoy dinner.

As you can see here (below) Zoe patiently waits for the camera guy to leave her room so that she can escape into her cozy comforter.