Dog Photography, Seattle WA

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wallace & Boone Meet at Marymoor Park

Wallace was very patient while posing for the camera, he belongs to Steve a coworker who's a wonderful illustrator, cartoonist and graphic designer. Wallace just turned one on January 2nd, and is still a little apprehensive about diving into water, since he had a bad first experience as a puppy.

He's your typical lab when it come to chewing. Here are some important items that no longer exist. Three sets of ear buds, two cell phone chargers, several DVD boxes and DVDs, one carpet, one loveseat, a myriad of kitchen hand towels, the spines of several cookbooks, one doggie-bed, five potted hydrangeas, and I don't think he’s done yet ... He also likes to chew on rocks and seashells, he's inhaled a 'Kookie chicken' (rubber toy that looks like a rubber chicken only it's intended for dogs as a chew toy, not a meal). Whew!

He wears a leash around the house, so he's easier to grab when needed. But Wallace figured this out, so when he wants to avoid human housemates, he gathers up the leash in his mouth,
knowing that he's harder to catch, trots off and waits to be chased.

He lives with his housemates in Redmond, Washington.

Boone yearns the water and would love to get his jowls on a fresh duck!