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Monday, June 28, 2010

"B" is for Brody

Brody is about as sweet as they come. He loves the water and will usually lean on you, especially if he's wet. This charming guy was focused on his new water toy every minute of my shoot which made him a "good-boy"! I hope to see more of Brody and his owner Melissa at Marymoor park.

This is what I call a natural duo-tone. No color tones added here.

NEXT WEEK: Harley of Lake Chelan!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back at Marymoor

Lost and Found
Ella is half Doberman and half chocolate Labrador.
She is one sweet chocolate blend!

Pomeranian Prince

NEXT WEEK: Meet Brody Boy

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chocolates Heal the Soul!

Thanks everyone for helping make it a little easier to get us though the loss of our beloved Rosie. Your loving support, advice, greeting cards, prayers, tears, kind words and hugs are something we'll never forget.

It's been great to borrow or visit our friends lovable canine companions. Here you'll see our three favorite chocolate Labrador's (Hannah, Samson and Phoebe) to spend time together. Since Rosie's been gone, the house has been so quiet. It's much more difficult than I had imagined, but I feel it's getting a little easier as each day goes by. A friend recently told me that it's impossible to not think of them in our daily routine each and every day because they do such an amazing job of training us. Ha-ha! That's so true and we think we're the trainers.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Day Has Come

The news no one wants to hear, but I must share these thoughts to start the healing process. Rosie has gone to "Doggie Heaven".

This Will Be The Day.
August 31, 2009
As I begin to write my thoughts, they come to mind because the days are whizzing by and I don't want to be too late, too late for my words, my thoughts and my feelings. Too late to get hold of myself the day I cannot hold back my tears. Too late for when Rosie's doctor arrives at our front door, we exchange no words, as I open the door wide to let him in and show the way to where Rosie will be laid to rest forever. Here Dr. Mike and I will exchange words in our family room at Rosies bedside, words of prayer amongst friends that I hope to gather in time on that day. The day we all dread the most in our lives. The day a loved one passes on, but first there will be words of procedures and medicine and how quickly things will happen before you even know it has happened.

This will be the day that Rosie becomes wonderful thoughts and loving memories of the blessings she has brought us everyday of her life. This will be the day that she will forever be with us in our hearts and prayers and no longer with us cuddled on the sofa or waiting for a pinch of cereal from my bowl to her bowl every morning. This will be the day that Rosie no longer paces in the back of my Pathfinder on our way to the off-leash dog park but will forever travel with us in our hearts and minds. This will be the day that I begin to think about feeling her ashes sifting through my fingers as a Montana breeze spreads her ashes along the Blackfoot river where her best buddy Sheba lies. This will be the day that I can no longer smell the scent of her fuzzy paws as she lies on her back waiting for that crooked smile belly-scratch. This will be the day that reality sets in and Rosie fades to beautiful memories of countless smiles followed by warm tears, laughter and then a moment of silence.

I don't want to to say "these were the words I should have written before Rosie passed away", I want to say "these are the words I wrote while Rosie was alive". A live wire when it was time for her to go blackberry hunting in the summer. A live pistol when she wanted to go for a walk on the coldest and rainy days of winter. Alive when her nose knew when I opened a jar of peanut butter in the kitchen, while I thought she was asleep upstairs.

This will be the day. I just wanted to be prepared for when this day comes.

God bless you Rosie. We love you and will miss you!

The Day After
June 8th, 2010
As I sit here writing, I cannot help but think of all the wonderful people that Rosie has brought into our life since DeeDee and I brought home 18 month old Rosie from the Bellevue Humane Society after MLK weekend of 1997. We have been dearly blessed by the grace of God who brought Rosie to us and to have so many loving, caring and thoughtful people in our lives that have been there through thick and thin. Thank you all so much and may we always take care of our pets, to the best of our ability because they will always be there for us with an open heart and a listening ear to lean on.

God bless you Dr. Mike and all other veterinary doctors and their staff that face these difficult times on a regular basis.

Hugs and prayers,
Chris & DeeDee

Rosies Photo Timeline Starting from February 1997

Here are some of the first images I've captured of Rosie. These were before my first digital camera. If it wasn't for Rosie being in our lives I probably would have never really pursued photography as far as I have the last seven years.

These are the first two images (above) I took of Rosie's when we brought her home from the Humane Society in Bellevue.

The red Kong was her favorite toy. We were always stuffing treats and sometimes peanut butter inside. Taken at our first home in Kirkland.


Snoqualmie Pass.

Lake Chelan in the Summer.


This was a typical position we would find Rosie during her snoozing.


Grandma's garden in Roseburg, Oregon.