Dog Photography, Seattle WA

Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's Bath Time!

The Wash Spot self-serve dog cleaning business adjacent the
off-leash area at Marymoor Park, your pooch will look perfect
after a day in the park.

Wash Spot offers herbal and hypoallergenic shampoos especially formulated for dogs. They’ve also developed a patent-pending soaping system that easily dispenses the shampoo and warm water onto the dog’s coat and rinses clean. Wash Spot’s seven cleaning tubs are at waist height and feature ramps leading up to the tubs, so heavy dogs don’t have to be lifted.

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More Rinse

And Blow Drying

Happy News Flash

Rescue at Sea

Dog drifts 75 miles on ice, rescued in Baltic Sea
IN THIS PHOTO taken Tuesday, Adam Buczynski carries a dog found floating cold and alone on an ice floe 15 miles off the Polish Baltic Sea coast in Gdynia, Poland. Buczynski, a sailor from the ship "Baltic," pulled out the dog from the ice floe. MSNBC video here.