Dog Photography, Seattle WA

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Getting Back to the Same Ole Routine

Her daily walks in the neighborhood.

Enjoying Her Life Again

Rosie takes a break at the local high school after her first walk near home.

The Bandana Says It All

This is the bandanna Rosie was wearing when we picked her up from WSU. We are all very thankful for the care and compassion Rosie received while she was undergoing her radiation treatments.

Homeward Bound

Rosie looked rather content, knowing we were taking her home. She's such a joy to have with us.

Hugs for Rosie

This is what the waiting was all about... seeing her smile and giving her a hug.

Ready to go home

Just hanging out and waiting to go home.

This is Patch

Patch was rescued from a bad living situation. He's 5-months old and ready to be adopted. If you're interested or know someone who is, contact Hopehaven in Pullman.

Rosie Walks Sarah

This was a common scene around campus during Rosie's stay at WSU. She was known as "the dog who took her handler for a walk".