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Friday, July 10, 2009

Tasha of FIDO Friendly Speaks

Recently Rosie had a chance to "sit" down and do a phone interview with Tasha the CFO (Chief Fetching Officer) of FIDO Friendly magazine. It was the only time Tasha was available during her "Getting Your Licks on Route 66" national adoption tour. Tasha teamed up with North Shore Animal League America to raise awareness of shelter animals and adopt out pets to loving homes. Traveling in a 36-foot mobile adoption unit from LA to Chicago stopping in over 12 cities and partnering with local shelters to adopt out animals. Especially to help those furry friends who are less fortunate. "The responsibilities of playing hard, come with even greater responsibilities of working harder" says Tasha.

Here's how the interview started.

Rosie's Dogblog, Question. Tasha, being an entrepreneur of a magazine where do you find the time to do both of your passions, running and operating Fido Friendly magazine and chasing balls, cats and squirrels?
FIDO Friendly Answer. It's all about balance. I need to have my chase time, and make sure that the work that needs to be done is done. I can usually tell if I'm working too many hours by the number of squirrels running by and throwing nuts at my window. They always taunt me ...

Rosie's Dogblog. Did you know that Purina “Beggin Strips” are not made of real bacon?
FIDO Friendly. WHAT?! Advertising is tricky ... Be sure to read
those labels!

Rosie's Dogblog. Do you Twitter? If so, who do you follow?
FIDO Friendly. We Tweet a lot, and follow those that are moving forward in the dog world. Some notables are Cesar Milan, North Shore Animal League, and Snoopy.

Rosie's Dogblog. Now getting back to "your business", the working-kind not the lawn-kind. As CFO of such a popular magazine who’s operating in your pack to keep such a smoothly run organization? Is the omega’s roll just as important as the alpha role such as yourself?
FIDO Friendly. FIDO Friendly is successful because of how many are hard at work to ensure the best pet news and health information reach our readers. As well as some of those "must do" trips to exotic and/or nearby locale. All members of the pack are equally important. There are some necessary pack leaders, but the whole pack moves together as a whole. We love what we do!

Rosie's Dogblog. Do you take offense at idioms such as “hair of the dog,” “dog-tired,” and “stop dogging me?
FIDO Friendly. Nah, I have thick fur.

Rosie's Dogblog. How do you think Bo is doing as "First Dog"
of the White House?
FIDO Friendly. He seems to be doing great! Running the white house is no easy task, and by the looks of it he fits in rather well with an impressive family. He's a great ambassador for dogs everywhere. Just the selection process alone of the "perfect dog" has raised awareness for us canines. I say "perfect dog" because that is relative to each family. I've been told that I am the "perfect dog."

Rosie's Dogblog. They say “men are from Mars and women are from Venus.” Where are dogs and cats from?
FIDO Friendly. Dogs must be from Uranus, since that's how we meet and greet everyone. Cats, I think cats are from the Planet-X. The planet that visits the solar system whenever it feels like it.

Rosie's Dogblog. What’s with the butt-sniffing? I mean, really.
FIDO Friendly. See above answer. You can tell a lot about someone from what they poop out. It gives us the secret code.