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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dogs of Bali & Thailand

THE TROPICAL and lush island of Bali is filled with some of the most enchanting scenic views, rice fields, rivers and volcano's, ancient temples and palaces, rich culture, it's surrounded by beautiful beaches wonderful people and well known for fine arts, dance, music and fresh seafood.


In stark contrast and almost beyond belief to this magnificent and beautiful Indonesian island there is an unimaginable amount of mangy and starving dogs that roam freely on the beaches, streets, markets and around restaurants and popular tourist areas. Many of these dogs suffer from preventable parasitic and infectious diseases and major trauma from roadside accidents. Without any welfare organizations to treat and care for their population control these animals suffer enormously.

I did not want to capture nor post the worst of these dogs I came across, because I could not bare the distress to look at them without great sorrow and fear of what might become of them individually or as a whole in the near future. The thought constantly came to my mind of how easy it would be to care for and provide a healthy and happy life for just one of these incredible animals. I know to change the minds and lives of these people and their dogs (especially Bali) it will take considerable time, education, resources and perseverance to provide basic care for these animals. If you feel moved to do something for the dogs of Bali here's a legitimate organization that we checked out and talked to while visiting the beautiful country of Bali. Bali Street Dogs.

As you scroll down you can see which of the dogs are taken care of by their owners and which are strays roaming free.


Yours truely ready to take this little guy back home with me!