Dog Photography, Seattle WA

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sweet Annie

ANNIE WAS A RESCUE from the Seattle Humane Society. She brought loyalty, mischief, laughter, companionship and unconditional love to the Johnson family. Her breed is half treeing dog, half coonhound and maybe a little something else. She was such a sweetheart that always had a soul-searching gaze in her eyes. I was given an amazing opportunity to capture her spirit, character and personality at her home on a drizzly, cloudy day in the northwest.

I will never forget the two hours I spent with Annie during the photo session. She seemed pretty chipper and energetic enough to climb on the sofa, even though she knew there was something different about “legally” lounging on the sofa! Or being told to take treats and shredded cheese from the counter-top without getting in trouble. She loved the attention because she was being fed an endless amount of treats while paying no attention to the camera guy, sitting, laying and standing over her. Annie naturally and peacefully passed away five days later, just after her family arrived home to gather around her.

Annie had an incurable autoimmune blood disease that took her life at the young age of seven. She will be dearly missed.

May God bless her soul.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Taz and Houie

THESE TWO CANINE buddies I describe as, a one track mind of "ball" (Houie on left) and a bull in a china shop (Taz on right). They were such a fun pair to photograph at their home. They've been inseparable since Taz was brought home as a pup over four years ago when Houie was six years old. They are both slobbering sweethearts and love lounging on the front deck of their home, watching for any and all things in the neighborhood.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sneak Peek

Meet Taz and Houston. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet
this canine duo from Edmonds, Washington. See the complete photo
session on Friday.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Golden New Year

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL way to spend new year's eve, while on holiday in the Lake Chelan area where I discovered the perfect four-legged snow model. While snowshoeing in the beautiful mountains of eastern Washington under crystal clear blue skies and a cool fifteen degrees, Bailey was in retriever heaven bouncing playfully in the pristine pure white snow.

Our paths crossed with Eric and Karen as they cross country skied, with Bailey. I originally saw them taking pictures of each other with their camera. So I walked over to ask if they would like me to get the three of them as a group with their camera. My plan all along was to meet them and ask if I could take a few shots of their beautiful dog. I took about twenty minutes with Bailey, which was time well spent. I could have easily photographed Bailey until the sunset dipped behind the wondrous Echo Ridge mountains which would have been a four hour photo session. There's never enough time … is there?

On Holiday in Chelan Washington

I FINALLY TALKED Harley into letting me do a photo session with he and his housemates. Photographed in the back garden of his residence. Lake Chelan and the surrounding landscape blanketed in snow in the background.

Many thanks to Rob and Karla!