Dog Photography, Seattle WA

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Has Arrived

Boone has had so much fun these last five days in a winter wonderland. We Seattleites are not use to this flaky and frozen white stuff at the rate in which it continues to fall and stick around. I didn't make it into work yesterday because of road conditions and today looks even worse. So Boone has had many opportunities to go out with me and my camera since Sunday.

It's not as easy as you think shooting with a camera in the falling snow, but someone has to do it. Considering it has not stopped snowing and dropping freezing rain for the last three days. At times I have to lay on my belly in the freezing snow (it's actually kind of fun, just need to dress extra warm) and try to keep the lens glass from getting wet or foggy. If this does happens, it's nearly impossible to keep it clear and dry afterward.


These furry friends you see below are a couple of neighborhood pals that Boone was so excited to see at the schoolyard. Diem (seen below), likes to float above the snow at high speeds! He's a rescue dog and was found with a broken leg while left chained-up outside. He is one of the friendliest dogs even through he comes across as a tough-guy. He's very active, loves people and loves to cuddle. He will only fetch tennis balls thrown into water.

Ellie's the cuttie-pie in the pink collar and she's also a rescue pup. She was found abandoned in a field with her sisters and brothers. Richard and Stormy (her two-legged house mates) found her to be the most adorable for adoption. She loves to play even if she's by herself, she does this by tossing toys in the air or biting her back legs. Ellie's favorite trick is to high-five her human friends. This sometimes has back-fired, because she high-fives you when you least expect it. Which is more like a punch.