Dog Photography, Seattle WA

Saturday, August 29, 2009



Pizza Pizza

Lunch on the deck! Guess who's sucking-up next to me?

What Can Brown Do For You?

This girl has several nick-names. UPS, Brown and sometime her
real name Phoebe.

Don't Stop

Rosie is enjoying her therapeutic massage and warm salt-water
swim with Brianna the Pet Spa Manager at Paradise Pet Lodge
in Woodinville Wa. Rosie tells me Bri has quite the hands.

In the Spotlight

The therapeutic massage and swims have enabled
Rosie to go for longer walks than she has in the past.
That's saying a lot for someone who's 99 years old
with acute arthritis.

Rosie thanks you all from the bottom of her big furry heart!

A Touch of Bri

Loving Every Minute!